Be at home with your stretches

With today’s busy lives, it’s important to have support for your stretch therapy even outside of the clinic.

SAYF StretchRX Remote Therapy Monitoring program allows you to take home and leverage 22+ stretches developed by licensed physical therapists to assist with reducing symptoms and increasing flexibility. The guided stretches provide interactive instruction along with proper techniques to ensure a quality SAYF StretchRX experience. The App includes education on pain management, healthy living, stress management, and live chat support to meet your goals. From assisting with medication and appointment reminders, SAYF StretchRX’s App allows you to grow your confidence in caring for yourself at your own pace. 

A better life is within reach.

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Better living through stretching

  • Rigorously Trained Flex Guides 
  • Custom Designed Stretch Programs 
  • Provider Supervision of Care 
  • Dedicated Care Coordinators 
  • Sessions Conducted in Private Rooms
  • Includes Easy to Follow Home Stretch Program 
  • Reduces Anxiety & Tension
  • Improves Mobility for Everyday Activities 
  • Enhance Flexibility & Strength 
  • Reduce the Risk of Falls 
  • Improved Range of Motion in the Spine 
  • Improve Balance & Muscle Fatigue 
  • Insurance Accepted