Loosen yourself

A prescription for movement

Less pain. So much to gain.

As a leading provider of medical stretching, the SAYF StretchRX experts embrace each client’s unique needs with physician supervised personal attention and unmatched innovation that successfully guides patients on a path to better living through stretch therapy.


Stretch well. 
Live even better.

Enhance flexibility, heal injuries, and boost muscle function. Our medically guided stretches alleviate pain and stiffness from conditions like sciatica, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Individualized guidance from FlexPro healthcare professionals ensures optimal results. Stretch now. Live your best.

Before discovering SAYF StretchRX, I struggled with chronic pain and limited mobility. Thanks to this transformative approach, I’ve regained control over my body and my life.

– Sam

More stretching. More benefits.

Stretching with medical supervision makes a difference in more ways than you may realize. Here are some ways that stretching can improve your life no matter who you are.

Reach for our app. You’ll be relieved.

Take stretch technology further by using our proprietary app. Now the same supervised medical stretching can be performed in the convenience of your own home. You can keep track of your daily routine, your vitals, and your daily progress 24/7 with quality care coordinators without going to the clinic. 

Better living through stretching

  • Rigorously Trained Flex Guides 
  • Custom Designed Stretch Programs 
  • Provider Supervision of Care 
  • Dedicated Care Coordinators 
  • Sessions Conducted in Private Rooms
  • Includes Easy to Follow Home Stretch Program 
  • Reduces Anxiety & Tension
  • Improves Mobility for Everyday Activities 
  • Enhance Flexibility & Strength 
  • Reduce the Risk of Falls 
  • Improved Range of Motion in the Spine 
  • Improve Balance & Muscle Fatigue 
  • Insurance Accepted